Don't Grow Weary

Do not grow weary in well doing for in due season you shall reap a harvest (Gal 6:9). The harvest season is here even now. Many of you are growing weary to the point of giving up. The Lord says, "No, don't give up! Your harvest is upon you!" Don't let your circumstances capture your reward. Don't let your promise get lost at sea! (James 1:6). The enemy has sent out an assignment of distraction against you to turn your focus away from the return I promised you(numbers 23:19). Keep your eyes on me!(John4:35). You will not be overcome, you have already won, the harvest is here. The enemy does not want you to see your fruit. He wants to distract you from the truth but I tell you today there is MUCH FRUIT on your tree! Remain in me and you will see (John 15:5). This harvest season is plentiful and full of GOOD fruit! What the enemy has stolen away, I will repay. Don't lose focus, stand, the great harvest is at hand!