Divine Access and Strategic Seed

The Lord spoke to me and said we're in a season of Divine Access and Strategic Seed. There are many spiritual doors that we now have access to (Rev 3:7-9). God is laying out specific strategies to His people. Strategies that will give access to these doors. I am giving access to my people, access to rooms and realms of glory. In this season you will receive strategic seed for sowing in these new realms of glory (Luke 8:11). As you sow, your seed will grow! (2 Corinth 9:6, Gen 26:12-13). As your seed grows you will take territory. (Josh chapter 1) ( Deut 28:1-14). You will gain access to more and more doors. I will cause you to have favor and I will make a way where there was none. I am giving you access now. Access to spread my word where you've not been able to before. Access to speak to people you've not been able to before. Access to territories you've not had access before. I Am opening the doors. This is a season of open doors and strategies. Hear what I'm saying, follow what I'm doing, press into where I'm leading. This will be a year of strategic advancement. You will see things you've never seen before, you will go where you've never been before, you'll be so astounded by what I will do with you, for you, through you, this year! It's going to be a GOOD year, it's going to be a GREAT year, it's going to be YOUR year! (2Corinth 9:10). 


  1. a kingdom.

    synonyms:kingdom, country, land, dominion, nation
    • a field or domain of activity or interest.

      synonyms:domain, sphere, area, field, world, province, territory