Don't Pollute the Pond

Watch your words and what you speak. You have the power to speak life or to speak death (Prov 18:21). My church should be a reservoir of life giving drink but so many are dumping poison in the pond. Speaking flattery and discord (Psalm 12:2-3). Idle tongues of fire consuming the life giving source within ( Matt 12:26) (James 3:6).  Speaking against ones neighbor instead of lifting them up. Persecuting them instead of praying for them. Poisonous words are the snare of the devil. So easily one can drip poison from their lips ( James 3:10-11). Don't entertain such thoughts or come into agreement with these intentions in your heart. For they will bring destruction to you and your neighbor (Jer 17:10). Choose words of life that are building, words that bring life source to those around. Remember the pond you poison is the same pond you turn and drink from. You poison yourself unawares. Be of sober minds and consider the way of the enemy to use you to not only destroy your neighbor but to then destroy yourself (1 Peter 5:8).  Align your words with me, speak the words from my Father (John 12:49). Align yourself with what I say and you will find and overflowing source of life. For whatever vine you attach yourself to so shall your fruit be. There is life, life, life in me! There is fruit, so MUCH FRUIT on my tree! Abide in me and so shall your fruit be! (John 15:5). (James 1:19-26) (Matt 12-33-37).