Season of Promise Receiving

I hear the Lord say, promise receiving season ( John 16:23) (Eccl 3:6) (2 corinth 1:20). Many will be receiving promises in this season but I felt the Lord warning against jealousy. Some have been waiting a long time for their promise while others have not waited so long. Those who have waited a long time will struggle as they watch others who have not waited painfully long, receive their promise. They will wonder why? Why God did they receive when I have waited so long? What have I done wrong? The Lord says, do not entertain these lying thoughts. Cast all your cares upon me for I care for you! (1 Peter 5:7). There is a season and a time for everything (Eccl 3:1). Seasons come and seasons go, the rain falls upon everyone the same (Matt 5:45). Some were given their promise years ago while others just recently. And because it is a season of return, a season of harvest, a season of promise fulfilled, all promises, great and small, old and new are due!(Eccl 3). I am reminded of the story in Matthew 20 about the workers hired in the vineyard. They were each hired for the same wage. Some started later than others but when the day was out they all got paid the same amount because that was the hiring wage for the job. Many of the workers who had been there longer were upset to find out that those who'd not been there nearly as long received the same payment. But the truth really is that payday is payday and it doesn't matter when you started, everyone gets paid on payday. God leaves no one out but gives them what they have coming. This is the season for return, for receiving. Many will receive their promise, don't begrudge your neighbor and lose sight of the promise you're holding(2 Corinth 10:12). Your promise is not less valuable because someone else got theirs quicker. In fact that makes yours more valuable to you, because you sacrificed for it, you paid a price for it. So don't devalue your promise because the packaging on your promise seems  a little more warn than others (Heb 10:23). It's what's inside that counts! Don't waste it!