Separation Anxiety

Many of my people are suffering from separation anxiety. Being separated from their past has caused them great distress. But I will repair their despair. I will turn their mourning into dancing and write a new song upon their hearts. For they shall see the greatness of what I have done. The shall see I make a way where there is none. I have only just begun. Tune in for there is so much more in store. Follow my lead, keep close to me and you'll seen things you've never seen before, you'll be places you've never been before, you'll see people you've never seen before. There is so much more! I am the God of the way, this is a new day, a new way. I am making streams in the desert, new places to stand, new paths to command, a new, new is at hand. Don't be discouraged by what you don't understand, take my hand and I'll walk you into your promise land!

Exodus 14:10-13, 14:30, 15:20-21