PDA (Public Display of Affection)


I hear the Spirit say, some of us need to work on our PDA.
Our public display of affection towards Him. Many of us have a private romance with Him but in public we put up walls and barriers because of fear or self-consciousness about what others might think. But God wants us to fully experience who He is in every way. Just as we have physical senses we have spiritual senses as well and God wants us to experience Him in each one of those sense. Not to just hear Him but to touch, taste, see, and smell Him. And He wants us to experience Him not just in our prayer closets but also in our public display of worship and affection toward Him. To be completely surrendered, to be fully open, to be so engulfed and enamored by His presence that there isn't room for self consciousness, no room for self gazing just Son gazing. Because it is when we give our attention fully to Him we can experience the fullness of what's available to us. Not just at home in those private moments but in every moment, in every place, to be fully aware of His presence. To live every day fully experienceing Him! 

Psalm 34
Song chap 1-2