Reformation Transformation

Too many people are trying to have a transformation without first having a Reformation. Too many people trying to fix internal problems with external solutions. You see a lot of buildings remolded, schools rebuilt, a lot of decor changes but not inner changes. People longing for transformation, schools longing for transformation, businesses longing for change, cities desperate to transform but they have no one to reform. Transformation is the product of internal Reformation. There needs to be someone to do the inside job. You need a man on the inside and I'm the man for the job! I Am the source and I have the solution, some want the source and few want the solution. You want transformation? Let Me reform you! I will reform your cities, I will reform your schools, I will reform your government and I will reform you! No job is too big, no job is too small, send them to me, I can fix them all!

Matthew 23:26