I See Freedoms Wingspan

"I see Freedom's wingspan over the nation, I see freedom coming to US again. I see Freedom's wingspan over the nation, Washington to Washington bringing freedom again!"

This song resounded within me as I began to go into a vision in which I saw an Eagle called Freedom flying over the US. This eagle was robed in the flag colors of red, white and blue. The tip of each it's wings from Washington to Washington. As I sang this prophetic release I saw the Lion of Judah roaring over the US and I saw the Lord bend His head down out of Heaven and blow over the US. As He released His breath I saw whirlwinds began to form.  He continued to blow, I blew also and declared whirlwinds of freedom clear the fog and smog. I could began to smell the fresh air the winds brought in as I saw the fog blow off the cities. I could could feel the jubilant feeling of refreshing and freedom in the atmosphere. As all this was taking place the minty fresh smell around me increased like I smelt the breath of Heaven! Then I saw the whirlwinds begin to turn into twirling dancers, who danced all over the map. As they danced, He was singing freedom, declaring freedom, breathing freedom, and dancing freedom upon US!