Resource and Recourse

I have resource and divine recourse ready to be outsourced to the body. As many are coming under attack I am sending out a counter attack, I am fighting on your behalf. As you have felt trapped and surrounded, I am sending in divine provision and resource. Divine recourse. I will be the source of recourse. I will set you on a new course. I am fighting divorce, I have recourse for divorce. I will bring resource for a new recourse. Divorce has made a play but I will have the final say! I will unify and I will petrify every plan of the enemy to bring discord. I will nulify his proceedings. His accusations will not stand for I have a solution in my hand and I am stretching it further, my reach is increasing, divorce rates are ceasing as my Spirit is increasing! No more will my house be known as a divided Kingdom with walls and shutters, no more will divorce have her hand among my own. No longer will a dissembled body stand on crutches before me. But she will rise out of the ashes of defeat and despair to declare the works of the Lord! She will not be a broken and tattered bride who has been stripped of her crown but she is a glorious bride standing in the light of the Son, ready to take her place. Ready to wage war, she is not timid or shy, she is not fearful or undone. She is a mighty warrior, yet she is gentle giant. In grace and purity she will stand redeeming the time! Its not over, it has just begun, the time to take your rightful place standing in the Son!